Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you.  

Sometimes it is time for a change. Whether it is in the form of a bathroom makeover, or an upgrade to a kitchen, a successful renovation project can alter your home immensely. However, the road from concept to completion can be overwhelming – especially if you’re walking it alone. 

When it comes to design and build projects, professional help can be the best way to save you time, headache and often money. 

Nest Design and Contracting has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goal. It is a collaboration, starting with your dream. We will partner with you on your project from start to finish.

 Our job is to oversee the entirety of the process. We help refine the “look”,  paying attention to the overall aesthetic and wether it reflects your design sensibilities. We also focus on the details, the functionality and the safety, because every room in a home serves a purpose. How about finding a plumber for a bathroom or an electrician for a kitchen? Don’t worry, we coordinate subcontractors and ensure the work is done to the highest standard. 


How it begins:

It all starts with a simple conversation. You have an idea, a project, a goal. We find a time to discuss this, your budget, your ideals and whether or not Nest is the best fit for this project. We will offer insights and suggestions. After this, you might choose to move forward to the next phase of the process.


Making a plan:

Designing isn't only about refining the vision. It is about making a solid plan in order to minimize surprises. This includes finding potential roadblocks, offering alternative solutions (if needed), establishing a realistic timeline and determining the final cost. It is important to cover all your bases before beginning the work. Ready to give the green light to begin?


Doing the work:

Now it is time to break ground on your project. For us, this is the fun part: bringing it all to fruition. We already have the roadmap (the design phase), so now it is putting all the pieces together. We will be on site doing the work, overseeing subcontractors and making sure nothing is overlooked. Most importantly, we will be keeping you informed and not left in the dark. Depending on the project it can take some time, but soon it is time to do the final touches.


It's almost time to enjoy:

Before we consider a project complete, we want to make sure everything is right. Do you need an electrical inspection? We will arrange. Is the kitchen counter dusty from being privy to cabinate installs? Don't worry, we'll clean that. We want to ensure that when we tell you its finished, it really is.

What’s the final phase? It’s you, enjoying your new space.